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Galatia 2.4 AP 1 (S)

Andrea Farley67%26%20%-70141.442 kbps0 kbps
Cynthia Potter 5/22/1591%34%30%-7672.3 kbps0 kbps
Debbie Hankins99%84%70%-59251.344 kbps1.125 kbps
Galatia Baptist Church97%83%70%-53311.871 kbps0 kbps
Galatia City Hall98%76%63%-57271.599 kbps0 kbps
Joshua Basham97%80%67%-53310 kbps0 kbps
Kara Grubbs87%42%43%-73101.431 kbps0 kbps
Katie Isom90%44%33%-72120 kbps0 kbps
Rita McFarland88%48%34%-70142.18 kbps0 kbps