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Galatia 5.8 South

NameQualityCapacityRX SignalTX SignalSession CountDownloadUpload
Betsy Lance82%46%-69-6200 kbps0 kbps
Chris Johnston97%100%-65-6000 kbps0 kbps
Donna Lively79%70%-66-6100 kbps0 kbps
Ed Brown100%100%-64-6000 kbps0 kbps
Galatia Sewer Barn72%36%-75-6800 kbps0 kbps
Heather Thomas98%81%-63-6100 kbps0 kbps
Kara Grubbs59%43%-70-6400 kbps0 kbps
Kevin Watson90%60%-74-6700 kbps0 kbps
Tammy Rhodes94%93%-68-6200 kbps0 kbps