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Galatia 5.8 South

NameQualityCapacityRX SignalTX SignalSession CountDownloadUpload
David Clark99%90%-67-6208.094 kbps0.354 kbps
Dawnille Lawrence98%90%-68-62020.923 kbps0.921 kbps
Donna Lively86%60%-70-62027.671 kbps0.415 kbps
James Henderson100%100%-57-6100.019 kbps0.019 kbps
Kevin Watson100%40%-75-67026.388 kbps0.764 kbps
Laura Moles99%90%-65-61029.246 kbps0.914 kbps
Perry Whitlock96%80%-70-6200 kbps0.61 kbps