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Marion 5.8

NameQualityCapacityRX SignalTX SignalSession CountDownloadUpload
Bridgett Short88%37%-70-6700 kbps8.498 kbps
Bryan Lawrence100%35%-70-6700 kbps0 kbps
Carsen Short93%32%-58-6000 kbps0.066 kbps
Jamie Short100%40%-62-6200 kbps1.043 kbps
Jeff Shrum98%30%-74-7100 kbps0 kbps
Jennifer Short84%70%-64-6300 kbps17.331 kbps
Melissa Chausse83%40%-74-7000 kbps143.283 kbps
Phyliis Baysinger100%17%-72-6800 kbps0 kbps
Randy Zoeller71%90%-60-5900 kbps0 kbps
Ryan Davis66%60%-66-63012.153 kbps0 kbps
Sergio Camerena100%22%-72-6800 kbps0 kbps
Susan Short96%42%-68-6300 kbps114.602 kbps
Thomas Bond75%52%-67-6400 kbps0 kbps