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Mulkeytown 2.4

Corey Cavinder98%97%96%-51371.148 kbps1.758 kbps
Kim Gosset72%16%26%-75130.633 kbps0 kbps
Larry Dawson98%88%86%-59291.234 kbps0 kbps
Larry Roeth94%64%66%-67210.874 kbps1.263 kbps
Leta Carr98%88%85%-513765.83 kbps0 kbps
Linda Reaney67%14%29%-74141.303 kbps1.465 kbps
Marcus Leber95%31%38%-70181.225 kbps0 kbps
Rhonda Gosset97%84%80%-583046.351 kbps0 kbps
RiverRadio DuQuoin97%50%23%-69190.275 kbps1.166 kbps