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Orient 5.8 East

NameQualityCapacityRX SignalTX SignalSession CountDownloadUpload
Chelsea Knight100%20%-73-6700.003 kbps0.003 kbps
John Kopec100%100%-56-6000.586 kbps0.176 kbps
Orient American Legion67%66%-65-6102.234 kbps0.162 kbps
Pete Witkewiz98%41%-70-6402.31 kbps0.128 kbps
Tammy Donovan82%45%-64-6100 kbps0.009 kbps
VF Mall95%90%-68-6100.009 kbps0.009 kbps
Wayne Irvin100%26%-77-7000.013 kbps0.009 kbps