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SIPC South

DJ & Elaine Johnson 9-10-1315900000-71.00100%203.005 kbps24.347 kbps
Dorothy Hart11040000-77.67100%0.008 kbps0.1 kbps
Fred Gammon15530000-73.33100%0.019 kbps0.054 kbps
Keith Gilley18810000-64.00100%2503.543 kbps0 kbps
Saundra Douglas 11-28-1216720000-67.33100%37.364 kbps1.726 kbps
Scott Hanson20810000-60.00100%209.688 kbps27.695 kbps
Tracy Gillum 11-12-1317100000-66.00100%0.187 kbps0.076 kbps