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Walltown AP 1

AJ Ward97%73%61%-64190 kbps0 kbps
Amy Mullins98%82%71%-61220 kbps0 kbps
Brian Julian98%88%80%-5726136.532 kbps0 kbps
Diane Melvin98%83%74%-60220 kbps0 kbps
Emily Howard98%79%68%-64190 kbps0 kbps
John Griffith97%85%76%-53302.032 kbps0 kbps
Julia Crawford98%84%75%-59241.397 kbps0 kbps
Mark Holland87%75%63%-64190 kbps0 kbps
Mike McLaren98%93%86%-45380 kbps0 kbps
Mike Yadro98%86%78%-5726101.431 kbps0 kbps
Robert Ward98%87%78%-57260 kbps0 kbps
Robin Gardner97%80%70%-64191.599 kbps0 kbps
Shirley Henson90%77%64%-602333.305 kbps0 kbps
William Munsell98%93%86%-53301.543 kbps1.534 kbps